The little boy in the photograph is my friend’s son. His name is Bo. He’ll be 3 in October.

Bo’s mom, Carolyn, and I were pregnant at the same time, our kids go to the same school, the babies (Bo has a twin sister) and XC occasionally play together. Carolyn’s niece and my daughter are buddies. Carolyn’s nephew (hi, Bubbie!) gives the world’s best hugs. All of this is to say: I truly adore their family.

Bo has been in and out of the hospital more times than I can count. He is brave beyond my wildest imagination. He looks and acts like a normal toddler- no one would ever guess that Bo and his family are fighting for his life on a daily basis. There’s not a lot we (their friends) can do beyond good thoughts, prayers, and getting Carolyn out of the house. But! Our friend Heather is a fantastic photographer and if there’s anything our community does well, it’s rally. Heather is holding mini-sessions to raise funds for Bo’s medical and travel expenses. If you’re in Kansas City, please consider scheduling a session for this Sunday, July 8. If you’re not in KC, please send good, healing thoughts to the Universe, prayers, or warm fuzzies to Bo and his family.

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